Mission Statement

The Illinois Coalition to Protect the Public Commons (ICPPC) is comprised of Chicago area organizations and individuals concerned about the growing privatization of public assets throughout Illinois.  The impact of privatization on the quality of the public's life, the financial health of our state and
the integrity and effectiveness of local and state governments, is a matter of serious concern. 

ICPPC has joined with other groups also observing or experiencing the negative impact of privatization. 
Our goal is to become a unified and effective voice in monitoring, researching and working to oppose the encroachment of privatization. Our mission is to educate the public about the dangers of runaway privatization, as well as to protect the public commons, public operations and public services from the detrimental effects of privatizing the public arena.

ICPPC aims to further its goals through the information-sharing; public education via speakers, seminars and conferences; articles; targeted letters; research; lobbying; and legislation.

ICPPC was formed in Fall 2011. Membership in ICPPC is open to all organizations and individuals that share our goals and are committed to protecting the public commons.

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